mind orgasam


Take a stick and shove it through my ribs,
make it hurt,
Thats the only way to ever fucking get through to me.

Take a rake and brush my hair,
until my roots are bleeding and
I can’t see anymore.

Kiss me and kiss me until you are too tired to breathe,
I feel like you are going to end up leaving me
I feel like you are going to end up leaving me

I am just like my father.

-"Merry fucking Christmas you pieces of shit" (via asimetricna-vagina)

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You’re going to lose weight, and buy a closet full of new clothes, and whiten your teeth, and cut your hair, and move to a great apartment in a different city, and make new cooler friends. And you’re still going to be unhappy.

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this is the coolest thing

So cool like wow I’m… There’s no words
3AM: the time to miss people who don’t miss you.

-Ten Word Story #11 - Ming D. Liu (via mingdliu)

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Rule #1 Never be #2

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Black is the queen of colors.

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